Roman room in Londinium

Roman room in Londinium




three-legged stool

roman bowl

Roman room in Londinium

Reconstruction of a Roman room in Londinium (Roman London), 1st-2nd century AD.
All the objects in the room are based on Roman originals. The table used in this reconstruction was found in Herculaneum, where it was carbonised during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius ( ). The lucernae (oil lamps) and wares were reconstructed using Roman artefacts on exhibition at the British Museum, room G49.

Supervision: Richard Hobbs, Weston Curator of Roman Britain
Historical reconstruction: Francesca Bologna, King’s College London
3D model: Mieke Roth

The model of the Roman room itself is on the Britisch museum Sketchfab account, the rest are on my own Sketchfab account.